I've wanted to be a creative ever since I handed a note to my first-grade crush and she told me it was cliché. In elementary school I thought I would be an author, in middle school a video game designer, in high school a feature film director, and heading into college, a screenwriter. 

Things would have been a lot more streamlined if my crush instead told me off by saying, "Go take a copywriting class, wanksta!" Slang was different back then. Still, a slightly winding path is an ideal one for any writer who wants some substance in their work, and my experience in various corners of media has served me well in each and every position I've had.

But I'm here now, and I'm in with both feet. That's why I purposely left the stock image from Squarespace up on this page. That's not me, but that dude is in with both feet. He had to hike quite a distance, often over some rocky terrain, to find his spot (New Jersey, maybe?). But he's found it, planted his feet, and cast his line. He doesn't know exactly where the next bite will come from, but he's confident that he's a good fisherman, and he's at peace knowing he's in his element.



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