Hershey's Kitchens Blog (2016)

I'm a terrible chef. Scrambled eggs are my signature dish. I don't know how to properly reheat pizza, so I don't.

But when I was offered the chance to write blog posts for Hershey's, I became a regular Ratatouille. I delved into a world of cooking terminology with a motherly twist, in what became a fun exercise in learning how to write like someone I most certainly am not.

Here are some samples:


Terrifyingly tasty treats

"Scare up something deviously decadent for all the little ghouls and goblins that cross your path. Eye of newt optional."



The sweet taste of victory

"This all-star team of Hershey's treats is the perfect lineup of game-day desserts."



Mother's day

"You've hit the mother lode of desserts! From pancakes in bed to after-dinner fondue, we've got Mother's Day covered– in chocolate, naturally."